forced to be buried because they were unlikely to be united as ever. Her love is poured onto her daughter, Kumalasari. It is said, Awang Sukma vowed and forbade his offspring to care for black chickens who were considered to bring a damn for him. The wells mentioned in the above legends are then named Telaga Bidadari, located in the village of Pematang Gadung. The village includes the River Raya District, eight kilometers from the town of Kandangan, the capital of the Hulu Sungai Selatan District of South Kalimantan. Up to now, Wells Lake is visited by many people. In addition, there are no residents who maintain black chickens,
according to Awang Sukma's sovereignty titled Datu Pulut and Datu Suling. In the past, a Brahmana starred with Sidi Mantra, who was famous for his miracle. Sanghyang Widya or Batara Guru gave a prize of treasure and a beautiful wife. After several years of marriage, they got one men who are named Manik Angkeran. Angkangan grows into a young and handsome young man, but he likes to gamble. He often loses and is forced to risk the wealth of his parents, sometimes He owes them. Being unable to repay the debt, Manik Angkeran asked his father for help. Sidi Mantra fasting and praying to beg the help of deities. Suddenly he heard
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